Construction site – Alphagate is getting bigger – new part of the building

In order to be able to develop creatively better, Alphagate added and rebuilt a new building wing with twice the area.

Punctually at the beginning of 2021, the construction workers started to demolish the new wing. The construction site was huge and complex. Walls were smashed, doors moved, new walls erected, offices erected and floors laid.

For months, some employees had no office, but due to the recurring lockdown, this was not a problem, since most employees worked in the home office anyway.
Perfect timing for such a complex project!

In the middle of March, every employee had the opportunity to choose a workplace in the online collaboration tool “Miro” and to help design the office space using tools. The Alphagate team worked diligently on the design and explained the respective wishes, which led to the current result.

The large kitchen with the large table for meals together with colleagues and customers and the new, well-equipped meeting room for creative work make up the cozy atmosphere of Alphagate.

The effort was great, but the result was all the greater!

At the end of April, all employees were able to move into their offices!