How design communicates

“It’s just a round thing”.
This is how people refer to things that are not only good but excellent.

Since Paul Watzlawick we know, that you can not “not” communicate. So we asked ourselves, why do we not use the shape of the elements to pass on information to the operators.
Even control elements can not “not” behave. This is how the idea of the pure behavior of individual components arose in order to establish communication with the user.
And the genius of it is: It works – and in all cultural circles without additional training of the participants and of course without costly translations.
Simple, intuitive and worldwide: Human Ready.

“We are the lawyer of the users. Our main goal is an easy operation. We do everything we can to make the future job better. We also have a lot of further ideas on this topic. You can be curious. Our clients and customers appreciate us for that.

Information at a glance
The operator captures the “emotions” of the machine at a glance. Without training, without descriptions and even without being really aware.