The machine talks to me

“Not being scolded is praise enough!”


We can not get rid of the thought that machine operations are being implemented exactly according to this Swabian proverb.
No matter how hard you make to improve and optimize things, there is no feedback. Only when something is really in trouble, the machine says “not that way, my friend“.
In the best case, you will find somewhere far back in the structure of the operation, suggestions on how to get out of this situation again.
We think: wouldn’t it be great, to welcome the operator after logging in with a “Good morning Sepp, today we rock production? The machine knows all its conditions. If you tell it what you want to do, it is very easy to guide the operator. With a well-conceived concept, the implementation is not complex – at least when a well-thought-out concept also includes the reduction in order to create the space for the communication of the machine.
“For untrained operators is nothing easier than to follow instructions.
  Where it is necessary to intervene and to receive information on what and how it must be done. Providing resources such as buttons, input fields, etc., at the same time to the information, then these approaches will be used and appreciated by the experts. “