As easy as operating an oven



Less info, faster acquisition … or: actual value, target value, done!

The operator of a plant is only interested in the essentials – for example when operating an oven –  you want to bake a cake. The operator does not care about unnecessary numbers and redundant information. And exactly according to this need, we build our operating systems: The display only shows information that is needed. Superfluous is simply omitted.

On the screen, the operator only finds the essentials, no more ballast: a qualitative representation, instead of a quantitative helps to operate the machine quickly and easily.

And that looks like this:


“If I need a 200-degree hot oven, I’m not interested in all the numbers before that – I just want to know when the 200 degrees are reached in order to start: Keep it short and simple. For the process flow, it is only relevant when the setpoint is reached. This is how our operating system is structured – a few but essential information help the operator to work quickly and efficiently. “

Operate and control stress-free, quickly and efficiently

Bars instead of numbers help to get an overview quickly. The operator has to read less, the control becomes faster, the work becomes more efficient and the stress level is lowered.