A-App – Seamless Mobility

An APP is defined as a program that is not system-relevant, has a special function, is easy to install and, in the best case, makes the hardware “smarter”.
Alphagate APPs are mobile companions, they inform, warn and explain events and relationships.

A-DB – The Big Data Easy

CrateDB supports both relational data and nested JSON documents. All nested JSON attributes can be included in any SQL command.
Also, CrateDB offers BLOB storage.

A-Board – Data Overview

The A-Board offers the possibility to create individual evaluations quickly and easily without programming knowledge.

A-Hub – Data Translator

A-Hub is the universal translator and intermediary between data sources of any kind and the representation of the output. As a provider of visualization systems, we speak the language of all common control systems.

A-VIS – Visualization Software

A-VIS is an innovative tool for creating intelligent visualization and operation solutions for the highest demands. Developed by software experts and UX experts for international use in production machines, facilities and medical devices.

A-MR – Mixed Reality

„MR“ stands for – „mixed reality“. The technology allows many things, including entering and immersing in a virtual world, to set the levers in motion that are not there in real,
and read information which are floating in space.