Individually for you

Off the shelf and customized: no, there is no contradiction but a business idea that Alphagate has been pursuing for 20 years …


Is a tool for creating visualization and operating solutions for highest demands. A-VIS supports the Java AWT, Java Swing, Java FX and HTML5 platforms – as a standalone solution or as a client-server application the data will be available wherever it is needed.



Is a smart data logger, a standalone that can be installed on any hardware and records the valuable data and information of your machine. Easy to configure, just in the background. With interfaces to the MES level or industry-specific interfaces such as SECS / GEM or PackML, this software is the high light of Industry 4.0.



Is the big brother of the simple signal light.
If you want to have more than just red, green and yellow then simply record the A-CUBE with symbols and / or texts. For each page, you have 32 × 64 colored pixels available. The A-CUBE is completely integrated into the A-VIS and can, therefore, be easily configured with the visualization.