Inspired by the familiarity of nature, Alphagate develops a unique UX-Design.
With A-VIS this is poured into user- and process-oriented software.

Alphagate designs and implements complete operating concepts for machine
builders and manufacturers of medical devices. The individually created UX-Design
reflects the requirements of the process and the best possible guidance
and support for the operator of the device. Alphagate uses its own SCADA software A-VIS
to create a unique software framework based on the operating concept. A-VIS
offers connectivity to all important PLCs and data sources. Alphagate offers a number
of additional enhancements and products that can be used seamlessly with the Alphagate
solution, such as A-MR (Mixed Reality), A-DB (Big Data) and many more.
Machine operation and human/machine communication is not limited to a touch screen on the machine.
The use of mobile devices is becoming increasingly easier and makes daily work processes easier.

Seamless Mobility

An APP is defined as a program that is not system-relevant, has a special function, is easy to install
and, in the best case, makes the hardware “smarter”. Alphagate APPs are mobile companions, they
inform, warn and explain events and relationships.

A-App describes the conception and development of applications for mobile devices or devices with
different hardware and software requirements.

Receive information where it creates benefits

A-App includes the display of
relevant information on all mobile devices. In a co-creative process,
we develop the requirements for a mobile device with the involvement of all stakeholders.


Flexible communication
Messages must be able to be received on all accessible devices
without additional effort.

Fast reaction

The operator must be able to react quickly and easily to relevant and
critical events.

Undisturbed operation

The aim of the technology is to make work easier. For example,
an application in combination with a mobile device must support the
work and set free resources.

What is A-App?

Development of mobile applications.

Who is A-App for?

Hardware and processspecific creation and
adaptation of applications – for mobile devices
Suitable for multimachine
situations,one operator/several machines

Why A-App?

hardware independent,mobile connectivity,
cross-hardware communication,HTML5,webapps