Inspired by the familiarity of nature, Alphagate develops a unique UX-Design.  With A-VIS this is poured into user- and process-oriented software.

Alphagate designs and implements complete HMI concepts for mechanical engineers and medical device manufacturers.
The customized UX-Design reflects the requirements of the process and the best possible guidance and support for the device operator.

Alphagate uses its own A-VIS SCADA software to create a unique software framework based on the HMI concept. A-VIS provides connectivity to all major PLC and data sources. Alphagate offers several additional enhancements and products that work seamlessly with the Alphagate solution, including A-MR (Mixed Reality), A-DB (Big Data), and more.

The A-Board offers the possibility to create individual evaluations quickly and easily without programming knowledge.

Overview A-Board

Simply display complex content
A-Board follows a simple structure for displaying generated machine data, consisting of just a few steps:

Content: Selection of data from different data sources. Full access to A-VIS content is guaranteed as well as external data sources.

Views: Definition of the way the data is presented. Depending on the composition and type of data, pie charts, bar charts and many more are available.

Dashboards: Creation of individual dashboards for different requirements. Presentation of productiondata for the management, per machine or for detailed views.

With the help of the „Script“ function,conditions and processes can be created with the existing data and displayed on the dashboard.

What is A-Hub?

Evaluation of machine data in
an individualdashboard.

Who is A-Hub for?

Intuitive creation and presentation of
machine data
Suitable for all machines

Why A-Hub?

OEE data
Cloud data
Local databases