The big brother of simple signal lights.

It is the big brother of the simple signal light. If you want to have more than just red, green, yellow then simply record the A-CUBE with symbols and/or texts. For each page, you have 32 × 64 colored pixels available. The A-CUBE is completely integrated into the A-VIS and can, therefore, be easily configured with the visualization.

What is A-CUBE?

The A-CUBE is designed to replace a machine traffic light and can be assembled anywhere on the machine.
Connect two cables – one 24V supply and one Ethernet connection – and configure the different scenes in the A-VIS – done.

Who is the A-CUBE for?

If an operator takes care of several machines, the A-CUBE shows its great strengths.
By recording texts and graphics the status of the machine is visible even from a long distance.


Is entirely integrated into A-VIS. Texts and graphics can be controlled, animated and of course, displayed in the local language by the visualization.