In the age of Industry 4.0 data records require special solutions –
A-HUB has been developed just for that.

As a provider of visualization systems, we speak the language of all common control systems. Therefore, data from any machine can be recorded. Whether for new machines or retrofitted in order to generate information from valuable data.

As usual at Alphagate, A-HUB is platform independent and can run on all commercially available devices. Through the consistent use of Java technology – modern and object-oriented – your investment is well secured for decades.

A-HUB also impresses with the interfaces for vertical integration.
The data transfer to the MES level is supported in the same way as industry-specific interfaces such as SECS / GEM (200mm and 300m) or PackML.

What is A-HUB?

An intelligent, easily configurable data logger

Easy installation

Standard interfaces to the MES level

Branch interfaces SECS / GEM, PackML

For whom is A-Hub?

Suitable for new machines
In the retrofitting business

Why A-HUB?

Low-priced commercially available hardware can be used
Interface to all common control systems
Easy handling
Safe for investment