A-MR – Mixed Reality

Inspired by the familiarity of nature, Alphagate develops a unique UX-Design. With A-VIS this is poured into user- and process-oriented software.

Alphagate designs and implements complete HMI concepts for mechanical engineers and medical device manufacturers. The customized UX-Design reflects the requirements of the process and the best possible guidance and support for the device operator. Alphagate uses its own SCADA software A-VIS to create a unique software framework based on the operating concept.

A-VIS provides connectivity to all major PLC and data sources. Alphagate offers several additional enhancements and products that work perfectly with the Alphagate solution, including A-MR (Mixed Reality), A-DB (Big Data), and more.

„MR“ means „Mixed Reality“ One of these extensions is A-MR. „MR“ stands for – „mixed reality“. The technology allows many things, including entering and immersing in a virtual world, to set the levers in motion that are not there in reality, and read information which is floating in space. It is our task to use the technology where it makes sense. The focus is always the question of how our service, this means UX-Design, the software, and MR, can optimally support the operator.

Regardless of the type of MR technology used, it is always integrated into the existing process, into the existing system. The data exchange ensures the planned effect of the technology and allows the dialogue between human/MR/machine.
The A-MR solution is based on A-VIS and can, therefore, rely on its full functionality and data.

Seeable: Data Glasses, HoloLens
Hearables: Smart Headphones
Wearables: Smart Textiles, Smartwatch

A-MR enables the recording of learning and service relevant content in the video, image, and audio.
Smart use of content in all areas.

Train and support employees with our individual A-MR solution.
Use of wearables depending on the purpose and meaningfulness.

Access to collected data via Smart Glasses, Smartwatch, Phone, and other wearables.
Cooperative work, leading through service processes

A mixed reality solution is only as good as its integration into business processes.
The integration into our platform A-VIS or other systems is guaranteed.

What is A-Vis?

Train and support employees
with our individual A-MR solution.
Use of wearables depending on
the purpose and meaningfulness.

Who is A-Vis for?

Use of mixed reality
for operation, maintenance
and documentation.

Why A-Vis?

Support and protection of the user
Reduction of training times
Improved and structured