A-VIS is an innovative tool for creating intelligent visualization and operation solutions for the highest demands. Developed by software experts and UX experts for international use in production machines, facilities and medical devices.

Visualization tool

A-VIS is implemented with pure Java and equipped with a consistent client-server-architecture. The scope of functions corresponds to that of a modern HMI or SCADA tool which has been supplemented by requirements from usability and internationalization.

A-VIS currently represents Java AWT, Java Swing, Java Fx, and HTML5 platforms. Therefore, the applications that were designed with this development environment can work on all common platforms – from small single-board solutions to classic IPCs under Windows or Linux up to smart devices.

During development special attention was paid to customization. The development environment will, of course, be delivered with the style guide and operating concept specially developed for the customer – the style guide is virtually integrated into
the IDE.

But even with special workflows in the creation or extension and adaptation of applications is A-Vis a valued tool and can be easily adapted.
For this reason, A-Vis is also appreciated by serial – and special machine builders.

The simple license model – an annual payment and all functions for any number of applications are included – gives clarity of costs from the first day.

Should you require any further information or advice, please do not hesitate to
contact us.

What is A-Vis?

Is an HMI and SCADA tool developed by Alphagate
Client-Server Topology
Adaptable to specific requirements
Easy handling

Who is A-Vis for?

Software developer: Can program any extensions themselves.
Application developer: Can easily configure without knowing the programming language.

Mechanical Engineering

Plant Engineering

Medical Technology

Why A-Vis?

Investment-safe through platform independence
Interfaces are supported to all standard controllers
Expandable to customer-specific requirements