Creating workflows – Alphagate


For the Compamed/Medica show we developed a specific medical workflow.

It was our goal to show how to integrate different devices (desktop, tablet, smartwatch) in one smart workflow. The use is:

  1. A laboratory device has a process that needs a number of fluids to function
  2. When one of the fluids reaches a minimum level, a message is sent out to devices – persons
  3. On the device – for example a smartwatch – the task can be accepted
  4. All other persons in the lab are informed that the task is taken care of
  5. The activities are all logged

This relatively simple workflow shows how connected working can be done.

The complete solution including UX-Design, App-Design and software implementation was done by Alphagate.

Do you have a task to be put in a smart workflow – we really like to think it through with you!