Just two clicks and the terms and national language will be changed

The operating language can be set at your location quickly and above all uncomplicated. Language switching is easy and anyone can do that. But we go a step further than others. We adapt individual terms to the conditions of the industry and change incorrect translations directly with the customer. And this adaptation does not take place in a development environment or in any “cryptic files”, it takes place online during the running application, at exactly the place where the text is located. That’s what our systems can do, with the claim “Human Ready”.

In just a few easy to perform steps, the service technician or each authorized person can change all terms of operation for the customer in the respective national language. This can be done directly at the installation or any time afterward: The operation can be made to measure – all operating commands can be modified to fit your or your employees desired expressions.

  • Select the option “Edit mode” in operation
  • Navigate to the desired page of the visualization
  • Set the edit mode “focus”
  • Click on the desired text
  • Change the text via an online keyboard. Ready!

…afterwards, the service technician can simply copy the corrected voice file to the Memory Stick and edit it at home. Employees from all over the world and in all languages can operate the respective machines. The quality of the translations can be improved with the help of experts – native operators, who also know industry-standard terms.

“Often the little things make a big difference – like being able to customize the operation of “my machine” individually. This gives employees more safety at work. And that means that the efficiency will be increased not only the work motivation”.

Adjust the operation individually to the operator

Settings and expressions of running applications can be easily and quickly changed at the location and adapted to the operator.