Customize user permissions in a blink

One, two … click: with just a few clicks, the user authorizations can be adjusted quickly into the running application at the location.


Everyone knows the problem. The machine is delivered and the default authorization does not match the organization at the customer. Either the service does not work or the developers have to implement the adjustments. Anyway, such little things usually cause stress at the last minute. But you could avoid that. With the necessary authorization, the customer can easily and intuitively unlock or block functions in the running application according to his wishes and circumstances:

That’s what it looks like:

• Select the “Edit mode”
• Navigate to the desired page of the visualization
Set the edit mode “focus”
Click on the desired element
• Use the dialog to assign the new authorizations. Ready!

This setting can be easily applied to all other machines.

“Human Ready means to avoid stress wherever and whenever possible. If the acceptance test is still missing and the time to get to the airport is getting scarce, little things become a big help.

Simply change user permissions at the location
The user authorizations can be activated or blocked at the location while the application is running: according to need and desire.