The human being in the center

We should be interested in who is in charge of the HMI

Man or machine. Who should adapt to whom? We are convinced that it is worthwhile to focus on people.

Human ready through human centered design
The best machine in the world can only perform as well as the person who is responsible for its well-being during production. In the production process, in day-to-day use, it is usually not the engineers with whom the system has grown who operate it. For the actual operator, the system is mostly strange and unknown. People first have to get to know this new machine – without the complex knowledge of the machine builder.

The phase of getting to know the operator and the machine can also be compared to getting to know two of our good friends. We may have known both friends very well for several years. However, the two have never met themselves. When we introduce our friends, we usually give their names and possibly how we know them. If necessary, we mention special allergies if cooking evenings are planned. Sensitivities that are of great importance or topics that should not be mentioned. However, getting to know each other has to be done by our friends themselves. We can no longer influence whether the two like each other. But we often try to ensure that the people we care about understand and like each other.

The operator often feels left alone with the challenge of having to understand the machine.

This is where we start and aim to make the machine understandable to the user quickly and sustainably through clear, simple, reduced and intuitive operation.

Effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction.
Getting things done is the most important part of human-machine interaction. The basic principle of “Human Centered Design” pays attention to people’s needs.

The specific needs are analyzed on the basis of observations and data.
These then help us to recognize what is needed to perform a task efficiently, to solve a problem or to create a positive work experience. Emotional and aesthetic factors such as enjoyment of operation and ergonomic design are also taken into account in the design.

A Human Centered Design approach, if done correctly, promotes the creation of innovative products that trigger a particularly low level of acceptance among the target group – which ultimately leads to greater commitment.

That is why we believe that the focus should always be on people, for a win-win-win situation in the industrial workplace. According to our motto – human ready.

This article was written by
Katerina Sedlackova  UX/UI Design
December 15, 2020