Klaus Feurstein

Please introduce yourself and your activity shortly!

My name is Klaus Feurstein and I have been working at Alphagate in the software development since 2007.

My hobbies are mountain biking, hiking, ski touring and bouldering. Steinblock, our bouldering hall which is located in the Gewerbepark, makes it, of course, easier for me to pursue my hobby at lunchtime or in the evening after work.

Why did you choose Alphagate as your employer?

On the beginning, I was quite often on business trips to Asia. As a young technician, I liked traveling to distant countries, combined with very interesting customer projects.

What does a typical day at the company look like?

For the most part, I do developments. I work with interdisciplinary teams of software developers and industrial designers.

My job also includes project management from different customers, with different machines, which in turn bring different requirements. This is a job that makes a “technician’s heart” beat faster.

What do you like about development? What makes it interesting?

I like the variety of tasks and the latest developments in technology. It is very exciting. I never get bored at all.

Today I hardly go on long business trips, and if I’m on a trip, usually just for a few days or back home in the evening.

If you had the choice, would you choose Alphagate again?

Yes, of course. I am not aware of any company in which the scope of duties is so diverse. In addition, there is an absolutely appealing, family atmosphere in our company. There is no hierarchy. We communicate at eye level. Furthermore, the location of the company is perfect for me. Every day I walk to the company and the working hours are flexible and should it ever get too much for me I’ll go bouldering.