FH Vorarlberg Unsiversity of Applied Science

Alphagate has been a corporate partner of the FH Vorarlberg in the “Electrical Engineering Dual” study program since May 2020.

The main aim of the collaboration is to arouse interest in Technology and IT at work.

The FH Vorarlberg is one of the most research-based universities of applied sciences in Austria. Most of the research and development projects are arried out in cooperation with regional companies and organizations that operate internationally.

The close connection between research and studies brings the students into contact with current research questions at an early stage. Scientists and students conduct research at the FH Vorarlberg in the areas of business informatics, microtechnology, user-centered technologies, social and economic sciences, energy, and digital factory Vorarlberg.

In the areas of business, technology, design, social affairs and health, Bachelor and Master courses are offered at the FH. Some of the courses can be completed part-time, some in dual form.

Alphagate has been offering internships and summer jobs to FH students for several years and accompanies them with their Master/Bachelor diplomas.