PHORB – The symbiosis of steel and nature -or- Can a machine be natural?

From our point of view, machines and naturalness do not have to be in opposition but can work hand in hand. We create intuitive communication and a pleasant environment for all machine operators and therefore the workplace of the future.
We have made it our business to unite nature and machines. We have to move away from aggressive and uninformative warning lights, which often have a threatening effect on the operator. Shrill alarm tones and nervous flashing have unfortunately become part of everyday life. This panicked screeching of the machine should give way to a natural “Please help me”. Operators need to feel comfortable in their work environment and supported in their workflow and not be intimidated.
We have developed the PHORB method, which supports the development of alternative status communication in industrial manufacturing processes. PHORB communicates naturally and respects more than just machine data. Information states are visualized via feedback through shapes and colors. That is, e.g. the more angular and red PHORB gets, the more urgent the problem.

We have long been concerned with the reduction of everything, foreseeing through information and perceiving with all the senses, including natural understanding. It is a complex field, but we are always trying to bring intuition back into the workplace – for more harmony and efficiency.

With PHORB, industrial work areas are to be rethought and redesigned in order to reduce stress and increase the productivity of employees. For a future workplace that is in our nature. According to the guiding principle – Human Ready.

This article was written by
Katrin Greber UX/UI Design
September 3, 2020