Predictive work and information ensures a smooth production process

I never think of the future. It comes soon enough. “
Albert Einstein

The future shouldn’t be a pool of worry. It would be good if the future lets us know before it occurs. Fortunately, we can do that – as far as machine operation is concerned.

In other words: the machine needs a kind of early warning system.
For the operator, the information “I need new powder in 20 minutes” is much more helpful than the information “I have no more powder”. In this way, the necessary steps can be prepared and continuous production can be guaranteed. There are a wide variety of use cases – tool changes, planned cleaning or material replenishment, to name just a few – in which machine downtimes can be shortened or even avoided. The only thing the operator needs is the information in advance about what will happen in the future.

We would like to develop this idea further and create a dialogue from a monologue. Should a new operator at the machine be able to ask the machine: “Thanks for the info, but how do I get the container open again? And besides – where can I find the powder? ”
But that’s material for another blog post.

With the collective term “Predictive Information” we always try to recognize the potential problems of the near future, to cushion them in advance in order to achieve more efficient production.

But we want to perfect everything possible in order to create as few points of friction as possible. Unless it is desired – in the technical sense

          This article was written by Michael Brugger
Art Director UX/UI Design
August 20, 2020