Why we reduce and focus on the essentials

“Perfection does not arise when you have nothing more
to add, but when you can’t take anything away ”

                                                                     Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Wasn’t Antoine de Saint-Exupéry right with his statement – when you look at the operation of industrial machines?
Yes – if it is up to us.

Today we have a lot of information on numerous channels. The more information we have, the more important it becomes to concentrate on the essentials, so as not to get lost in a flood of data.

For years it has been one of our most fundamental goals to concentrate on elementary and important things. We throw away unnecessary information ballast to give the user a clear view of what is important. This creates a stress-free and intuitive operation and a motivated and confident user.

The reduction is also reflected in graphic design.
Support for an aesthetic and appealing design is working with empty spaces; with a targeted placement of the elements. This makes working easier and clearer; with fewer operating errors. The art of good operation is to recognize what information the user needs at any given time. Because you can only recognize the essential through reduction.

This article was written by Michael Brugger
Art Director UX/UI Design
June 2, 2020