Mobile Technologies

Necessity for industrial manufacturing processes

The stone age is over.
Worldwide sales of wearables are growing every year and in 2019 stood at 337 million units. This clearly shows that mobile devices (whether smartphones or smartwatches) have integrated very well into our private lives. Through daily use, they have become a loyal companion. So why shouldn’t they support us in our professional life? Thanks to the familiar use of smart devices, no exhausting training period is required to integrate them into manufacturing and production.

Thanks to these practical tools, production workers can access a large amount of information in real-time – whether they are at work or not. The use of mobile technologies for industrial manufacturing processes has become a necessity in order to actively support productions, improve quality, increase efficiency, and simplify work steps and thereby also remain competitive.

However, mobile technologies should not play the main role, but only support the user in his process. What if the smartphone has been forgotten somewhere and important functions cannot be carried out as a result? What if the smartphone is lost? What if the battery is empty? There are many “what if” situations and we have developed special concepts for these so that the use of mobile devices is possible.

It is our goal that every operator knows what is in the production line at all times so that they can benefit from the flow of information. This allows operators to react more quickly to problems in production and manufacturing, and errors and downtimes can be avoided. As a result, costly downtimes are reduced. Depending on the user role, information can be presented contextually and situationally in order to optimally support each operator in his workflow and in his decisions. Shift supervisors, for example, need constant monitoring of orders and machines and their downtimes.

Machine operators need information about the next steps or a reminder that certain materials need to be replenished in a timely manner. Thanks to mobile devices, this information can be accessed and users can be informed of important messages. At Alphagate, spatial computing also means access to information – anywhere, anytime, any device!
The use of mobile technologies is an enrichment for every production employee and a must in the future – the stone age is over and we have to be open to new and exciting technologies.


This article was written by
Katrin Greber UX/UI Design
November 11, 2020