Time is precious. Health is even more precious. Intelligent medical devices in combination with operating concepts and software from Alphagate create efficiency and safety. Our developers work strictly according to IEC62304 and IEC62366. Nevertheless, it is not a contradiction to be innovative and flexible.

The strengths of Alphagate is the expert knowledge of user experience, hardware, software, standards and the cooperation with interdisciplinary teams. Our specialists speak the same language as your mechanics or optoelectronic engineers.

The sooner you involve us in a project, the better we can do our part in the first phase of the project. In addition to the details, however, we always have the big picture in mind – whoever operates your equipment should be happy to do so – but also efficiently and flawless. This requires appropriate concepts and systems that are consistent in terms of quality and comply with all standards. To meet this our procedure is divided into various process-oriented steps like analysis or target achievements.


analysis, conception,
requirements management,
risk analysis, UX/UI Design,
standards-compliant processes and
documents, verification,
implementation, maintenance, and support


manufacturer of medical equipment


process knowledge, standards knowledge
Alphagate and A-VIS create powerful teams
of people and machines