Where will the human being be in the digital transformation of the industry?

Rankweil. At the “Digitale Regulars’ Table” with Alphagate on May 21, everything was about the topic: Where is the human being in the digital transformation of the industry? With the PHORB system, the operating concepts manufacturer can significantly simplify complex operating solutions for people at machines.

The solution provider Alphagate invited to the “Digital Regulars’ Table” in Rankweil on May 21. The demands placed on machines are becoming more and more complex, and thus the cognitive burden on humans and the risk of wrong decisions are also increasing. That’s exactly what the company is dealing with and asked the question: Where is the human being in the digital transformation of the industry?Users need to be able to serve more and more machines and are constantly faced with decisions. The error rate is so high and increases with every other machine. We have set ourselves the task of focusing not on the machines but on the people, “explained managing director and owner Ulf Oberbichler, adding:” “After more than 20 years of experience, we know that too much false information is displayed at the wrong time and that leads to even more mistakes in everyday life. Our credo is – reduce everything and only show the operator of a machine what is really necessary. “


The user-oriented approach “PHORB” is a method to get to simple operating solutions and consists of four basic ideas:  reduction of visualization, use of all senses, biophilic design and predictive information. This means that the human is very visual and therefore it is important to visually represent data points. With PHORB also all senses should be addressed. The biophilic design of the system is based on forms, colors, and events in nature that humans already understand on the basis of genetically learned material. It is also important to think ahead when programming. What does the operator really need and how can information be kept to the essentials? The ultimate goal is that the operator – the human at the control desk – can recognize the urgency of information at first glance. “Our motto is:

Human Ready – the human being at the center “, Ulf Oberbichler concludes.

Digital Regulars’ Table for the home

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