Inspired by the familiarity of nature, Alphagate develops a unique UX-Design.
With A-VIS this is poured into user- and process-oriented software.

Alphagate designs and implements complete operating concepts for
machine builders and manufacturers of medical devices.
The individually created UX-Design reflects the requirements of the process
and the best possible guidance and support for the operator of the device.
Alphagate uses its A-VIS SCADA software to create a unique software framework
based on the operating concept. A-VIS offers connectivity to all major PLCs and data
sources. Alphagate offers many additional enhancements and products that can be used
seamlessly with the Alphagate solution, such as A-MR (Mixed Reality), A-DB (Big Data) and many more.

Big Data

The growing automation increases the possibility and necessity of collecting
large amounts of data. The A-DB database solution integrated into A-VIS offers
extensive and flexible options for storing, distributing of data in the company
network or the cloud.

Overview A-DB

CrateDB is a distributed SQL database that is built on a NoSQL basis.
It combines the familiarity of SQL with the scalability and data flexibility of NoSQL.

Customers often use CrateDB to store and query machine data. This is
because CrateDB makes the handling of speed, volume, and variety of
machine and log data easy and economical. Customers have reported that
CrateDB captures millions of data points per second while querying terabytes
of data in real-time – 20 times faster than their previous database
and with 75% less database hardware.
Growing a database should be easy, just like CrateDB. With the automatic
redistribution of data and a shared-nothing architecture, you can easily
scale. Simply add new machines to create and expand a CrateDB cluster.
You don‘t need to know how to redistribute data in the cluster because
CrateDB does it for you.

Openness and flexibility

Run CrateDB anywhere in your data center or in the cloud
Connect to CrateDB from almost any language, SQL application or
SQL BI tool
Expand the CrateDB functionality by writing your plug-ins
Deploy CrateDB as a container on Docker, Kubernetes or other

Distributed SQL queries

CrateDB‘s distributed SQL query
engine has column field caches and
a more modern query planner.

High availability

Even if something goes wrong in your data center, CrateDB continues to run.
Automatic replication of data in your cluster ensures that errors do not interrupt data access.
Also, CrateDB clusters are self-healing.

Real-time data acquisition

Analytical data is often loaded in batches with transaction locks and other overhead.
In contrast, CrateDB eliminates locking overhead to allow massive write performance.


CrateDB can store incremental snapshots of your database in memory.
Snapshots contain the status of the tables in a CrateDB cluster at the time the snapshot was taken.

Any data and BLOBs

CrateDB supports both relational data and nested JSON documents.
All nested JSON attributes can be included in any SQL command.
Also, CrateDB offers BLOB storage.

Time Series Analysis

With CrateDB, time series can be analyzed quickly and easily. These are automatic table partitions that
can be queried, moved or deleted like virtual tables.

Spatial data queries

The location is important for many machine data to analyze.
CrateDB can store and query geographic information with the types
of geo_point and geo_shape.

Dynamic schemes

In contrast to many other SQL databases, CrateDB schemes are completely flexible.
You can add columns at any time without affecting performance or downtime.
This is ideal for agile development and rapid deployment.


CrateDB is consistent but offers transaction semantics. CrateDB is
consistent at the row level, so each row is either fully written or not.
Thanks to the read-after-write consistency, we enable synchronously
real-time access to individual data records immediately after they have
been written.

What is A-DB?

A-DB is a powerful, distributed database
with great flexibility, ideal for use
in mechanical engineering.

This is A-DB

100% integration with A-VIS
No backup or raid system required
Distributed DB, runs on „light“ hardware
Low maintenance
Simple and transparent license model
Json und Blobs
Real-time SQL
Graphics Manager
Item Manager
Web application


The solution is based on the Big Data solution Crate-DB.