Case Study

 ANDRITZ Soutec, KEBA and Alphagate


Initial situation
The SOURING and SOUTRAC II products are new developments from ANDRITZ Soutec. In order to be able to integrate new technological developments, the increased performance demands require a redesign of the existing HMI. In an evaluation of various systems, the decision was made in favor of Alphagate.The challenge in this project was to be able to operate a complex system intuitively. The many customers or their system operators who have been working with the existing solution for many years are also particularly relevant. As in all UX considerations, it is important to develop a user-centered solution that addresses new and existing user / operators alike and enables good work. One aspect of good operation is the flexibility to be able to operate the machine at any time, although the system may be spacious. Condition is the openness of the operation for future developments.

UX Design for existing and new operators

A-VIS server / client solution for up to 6 mobile panels

Platform: A-Sphere
Application: A-VIS
Panel: KEBA KeTop T200

The SOURING system at a glance

“With the new visualization project, we have taken an important step in operating our machines. Above all, it was important to us to have the flexibility and sustainability that are possible with the solutions from Alphagate and KEBA„
Fabian Sutter, ANDRITZ Soutec


The requirement was clear: good UX Design, mapping of the entire functionality of the SOURING and SOUTRAC II, reliably at every necessary point.

UX Design

The new development of the ANDRITZ Soutec solution primarily focused on the information relevant at the moment.

  • For example, the configuration of the valves and the design of a process are new. The visual representation and the use of intuitive drag and drop gestures enable the operator to gain a deeper understanding and overview of the system steps planned by him.
  • Design
    The design enables recognition while at the same time redesigning the UI Design.

Software architecture

With the help of the A-VIS server / client technology, up to 6 mobile panels from Keba and an inspection station are equipped with the A-VIS visualization. Only one A-VIS visualization project is needed to meet the different requirements of clients to scale.

Implementation focus

• Visibility of functions / content
• Independent user authorization (independent login for each mobile panel)
• Different resolutions
• Integration of hardware buttons of the Keba panel in A-VIS
• Automatic update of all clients in the event of software changes
• Modular HMI structure: Each part of the system is implemented as an A-VIS module.
• Modules can be activated / hidden and put into operation separately
• Simple parameterization through Soutec-specific A-VIS components: Optimized for the
ANDRITZ Soutec workflow

New UX Design and software platform A-Sphere
Effective user guidance and reduction of stationary panels with KeTop T200