Inspired by the familiarity of nature, Alphagate develops a unique UX-Design. With A-VIS this is poured into user- and process-oriented software.

Alphagate designs and implements complete operating concepts for machine builders and manufacturers of medical devices. The individually created UX-Design reflects the requirements of the process and the best possible guidance and support for the operator of the device. Alphagate uses its own A-VIS SCADA software to create a unique software framework based on the operating concept.
A-VIS offers connectivity to all major PLCs and data sources. Alphagate offers many additional enhancements and products that can be used seamlessly with the Alphagate solution, such as A-MR (Mixed Reality), A-DB (Big Data), and many more.

Multiple data sources
One of those extensions is A-Hub. The smart standalone data logger can be installed on any hardware and records the valuable data and information of your machine. Easy to configure, runs in the background. With interfaces to the MES level or industry-specific interfaces such as SECS / GEM or PackML

A-Hub is the universal translator and intermediary between data sources of any kind and the representation of the output.
As a provider of visualization systems, we speak the language of all common control systems. Therefore data from any machine can be recorded.
Whether for new machines or retrofitted to generate valuable information from valuable data. A-Hub also impresses with the interfaces for vertical integration. Data transfer to the MES level is supported as well as industry-specific interfaces such as SECS / GEM (200mm and 300mm) or PackML.

What is A-Hub?

Inexpensive, commercially
available hardware can be used
Interface to all common control systems
Easy to use
Safe investment

Who is A-Hub for?

A universal data logger for the
efficient acquisition of machine data

Why A-Hub?

Use of commerciallyavailable hardware
Interfaces to all common control systems