UX/UI Design

We develop user interfaces for your machines individually for you. Unique design. Simple handling. An experience for the operators.

How is your product perceived on the market? What kind of difficulties do operators have to deal with when handling their products? Together with your experts we analyze the status of your operation and keep an eye on the future. We do not limit ourselves to the individual operating situations. We check out new technical possibilities. Together with your wishes and expectations, it becomes a lush catalog of requirements that can shape the future without wasting your precious resources. A one-day workshop usually is sufficient.

The easier it is to operate your machine, the faster your users can solve complex problems, the better your product will be accepted on the market. We help you to develop an individual and logical operating concept that works worldwide. We prefer the maximum reduction of complexity and information – Only if users are not distracted by trivialities a topic can be handled quickly and without stress. We demonstrate our concepts with scribbles and wireframes. In this way, we represent the most important elements – such as navigation, basic layout, and basic components. Graphical details will not be considered in this phase.

Our designers are delighted to develop high-quality graphic representations for high-quality products; only when the operation can be accurately integrated into your machine design; only when every single component meets the usability requirements; only when every single color and form factor is in line with your corporate specifications; only when the visual basis has been created, from the design of the screen to the visual language (icons) to static or animated pictures; only then, the creative process for your individual and unmistakable service is completed for us. You will receive the results of this phase in a style guide.

Our experts will help you with advice and assistance during the implementation of the GUI. In order to work out all the required icons or to match machine graphics to the current machine or just as a contact person for your employees in detail issues. However, our claim is to provide a uniform service in all use cases – practically everything from a package.

In particular, the operating concepts and the esthetical impression are very often decisive for the acceptance of capital goods. Feedback is only helpful if it returns in time before the development starts. If desired we are glad to plan this phase in our project.

Why UX/UI Design?

The user experience has a proven influence on the purchase decision. It is the same with investment goods. Companies which develop their products according to UX/UI criteria are the real technology and innovation leaders.

For whom do we develop UX/UI Design?

Mechanical engineering; Plant engineering; Device manufacturer

Why the UX/UI Design from Alphagate?

We speak the language of our customers. We are independent in the industry. We consider the operation of the machines as one unit and have experience with it since 1999.